DWB Regatta


Bring your dragon boat team to one of the most fun and competitive dragon boat races of the season

For many people in Hong Kong, the sport of paddling is synonymous with the competitive pastime of dragon boat racing. The VRC Paddle Club is proud to host one of the largest dragon boat regattas in Hong Kong, the Deepwater Bay Dragon Boat Regatta. Usually held on a Sunday in late April or early May, this early to mid-season timeslot gives crews a good chance to test their form against many of the crews they expect to race later in the season at the Tuen Ng races. Held over the standard international distance of 500m, along the western shore of Deepwater Bay, the VRC offers events for Open, Women’s, Mixed and Under 18 categories.

“Sponsors of the event get the benefit of exposure to over 1,000 competitors”

If you decide to bring your team to the event, you can be sure to experience hard but fun racing, a safe environment and continual entertainment from our DJs and MCs. The VRC also sends crews to our own event, so you will often see plenty of blue shirted competitors running around between their races to make sure everything runs smoothly. Our large number of sponsors of the event get the benefit of exposure to over 1,000 competitors; in return we all get to enjoy excellent food, useful freebies and lots of beer and wine!

The event normally starts early in the morning around 8am – with a minimum of 50 crews each year and often more we have a lot of races to fit in! We aim to give every crew at least three races by running a tiered format. Each year there are cup, plate and bowl events in our more popular categories. The cup finals normally occur close to 5pm in the evening, and are immediately followed by the prize giving ceremony and then the party into the night!

Beer and wine is always on hand for the spectators and paddlers alike to enjoy. We recommend saving it for after your final race though! (Soft drinks also available)

Please contact us at events@vrcpaddleclub.com if you are interested in competing, sponsoring or covering the event.


Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Regatta - Wall of Fame

20171st1st Deep Water Bay CupMr. Dragon Sports AssociationGrand Final 500m02:03.92
20172nd1st Deep Water Bay CupHong Hong Fire Services Dragon Boat TeamGrand Final 500m02:04.54
20173rd1st Deep Water Bay CupVictoria Recreation ClubGrand Final 500m02:05.11
20171stPremier OpenHong Hong Fire Services Dragon Boat TeamCup Final 500m02:01.67
20172ndPremier OpenMr. Dragon Sports AssociationCup Final 500m02:02.32
20173rdPremier OpenVictoria Recreation ClubCup Final 500m02:02.99
20171stPremier MixedVictoria Recreation ClubCup Final 500m02:08.49
20172ndPremier MixedTeam Mushu of HK DisneylandCup Final 500m02:10.62
20173rdPremier MixedRoyal HK Yacht ClubCup Final 500m02:11.41
20171stPremier WomenVictoria Recreation ClubCup Final 500m02:22.24
20172ndPremier WomenRoyal Hong Kong Yacht ClubCup Final 500m02:22.53
20173rdPremier WomenABC Lady BuzzCup Final 500m02:31.28
20161stPremier OpenRoyal HK Yacht ClubCup Final 500m02:04.59
20162ndPremier OpenVictoria Recreation ClubCup Final 500m02:04.79
20163rdPremier OpenABC Buzz DragonCup Final 500m02:07.49
20161stPremier MixedRoyal HK Yacht ClubCup Final 500m02:09.54
20162ndPremier MixedTeam MushuCup Final 500m02:10.26
20163rdPremier MixedABC Buzz DragonCup Final 500m02:11.21
20161stPremier WomenBGC Stormy DragonsCup Final 500m02:25.79
20162ndPremier WomenRoyal HK Yacht ClubCup Final 500m02:26.34
20163rdPremier WomenABC Buzz DragonCup Final 500m02:28.46
20151stPremier OpenMr Dragon Sports ClubCup Final 500m01:55.930
20152ndPremier OpenRoyal HK Yacht ClubCup Final 500m01:56.760
20153rdPremier OpenHong Kong VRC Paddle ClubCup Final 500m02:00.630
20151stPremier MixedRoyal HK Yacht ClubCup Final 500m02:09.700
20152ndPremier MixedTeam MushuCup Final 500m02:10.170
20153rdPremier MixedBGC Stormy DragonsCup Final 500m02:11.680
20151stPremier WomenRoyal HK Yacht ClubCup Final 500m02:25.160
20152ndPremier WomenVictoria Recreation ClubCup Final 500m02:25.620
20153rdPremier WomenLamma DragonsCup Final 500m02:32.200
20141stPremier OpenFire ServicesCup Final 500m02:10.840
20142ndPremier OpenRoyal HK Yacht ClubCup Final 500m02:16.100
20143rdPremier OpenA Kung Kok Shatin FishermenCup Final 500m02:16.310
20141stPremier MixedWong Pun PDFCup Final 500m02:15.480
20142ndPremier MixedVictoria Recreation ClubCup Final 500m02:16.520
20143rdPremier MixedLantau Boat ClubCup Final 500m02:22.040
20141stPremier WomenBGC Stormy DragonsCup Final 500m02:36.090
20142ndPremier WomenVictoria Recreation ClubCup Final 500m02:39.960
20143rdPremier WomenAWA Globe PaddlersCup Final 500m02:44.520
20131stPremier OpenHong Hong Fire ServiceCup Final 500m01:58.52
20132ndPremier OpenVictoria Recreation ClubCup Final 500m02:00.03
20133rdPremier OpenSha Shing Sports TeamCup Final 500m02:00.91
20131stPremier MixedVictoria Recreation ClubCup Final 500m02:08.94
20132ndPremier MixedLantau Boat ClubCup Final 500m02:11.89
20133rdPremier MixedAltius DragonCup Final 500m02:12.67
20131stPremier WomenSha Shing Sports TeamCup Final 500m02:25.37
20132ndPremier WomenAWA Globe PaddlersCup Final 500m02:26.44
20133rdPremier WomenLamma DragonsCup Final 500m02:27.16
20121stPremier OpenHKIPCCup Final 500m02:02:580
20122ndPremier OpenHoi Fu Jai DBTCup Final 500m02:03.210
20123rdPremier OpenFire ServicesCup Final 500m02:06.930
20121stPremier MixedHKIPCCup Final 500m02:15.030
20122ndPremier MixedSSS TeamCup Final 500m02:22.070
20123rdPremier MixedLamma DragonsCup Final 500m02:23.010
20121stPremier WomenSSS TeamCup Final 500m02:27.420
20122ndPremier WomenBGC Stormy DragonsCup Final 500m02:29.000
20123rdPremier WomenLamma DragonsCup Final 500m02:29.880

Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Regatta - Video footage

17th Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Regatta 2016
16th Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Regatta 20159th Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Regatta 2008
8th Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Regatta 20077th Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Regatta 2006
6th Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Regatta 20055th Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Regatta 2004

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