Surf-ski, outrigger canoeing and SUP races for the Hong Kong paddling community

It started as an initiative from a small group of Paddlers on HK Island, to compete against each other on a fixed course with the goal of posting a good time that enabled the coaches and captains to select crews based on another performance metric. The interest in participation in the Series has grown constantly, and the last couple of years has seen a rapid rise in participation. We are now proud to be able to say that the VRC Race Series is comfortably the largest local OC1 and Surfski Race in Hong Kong with a record of over 80 boats on the start line. This year, for the first time, we have also opened the race to OC6 crews who may not have easy access to a small boat within transportation distance of Deepwater Bay, which has proven to be another great success.

“The VRC Race Series is comfortably the largest local OC1 and Surfski Race in Hong Kong.”

The Race takes place every month hosting the classic distance of 7.5km as well as long distance runs, relay events, SUP and short course competitions. At each race we try to have a number of prizes, ranging from unknown “hot-spot” prizes such as the third boat of any category past a certain point, to the winning prizes for coming in the top two or three of your division. At certain “blue-riband” events we also host barbecues and parties for the participants, a great chance for the wider paddling community to socialise and interact. These are normally held at the Deepwater Bay clubhouse, but we have been found to take over a bar in Shek O depending on where the Race Series has taken us!

In the months of August and September, the Race Series teams up with our two larger OC race events, the Rookie Rumble in early August, and the Southside Challenge usually held in early September.

If you are interested in watching or participating in the VRC Race Series, or would like to have more information on the event in general feel free to contact us events@vrcpaddleclub.com or visit our dedicated Facebook page.

Some Impressions of the 2017 Zolfo Cooper VRC Race Series

Important information for the 2017 Zolfo Cooper VRC Race Series

Registration - general

There are additional data fields that will allow us, entry numbers permitting at each race and through the year, to include age groups as well as club related scoring at certain races. Please include the club you paddle for if applicable.

Registration - multi-paddler craft

The team data field is only to be used for multi-paddler craft.

If you are entering the OC6, OC2, Ski double, Rower 2, or Rower 4 categories please select team in the “Who are you registering” field and in the team data field include the craft and paddler names using the following format: category name & name  For Rower4 please enter Rower4 cox’s or crew captain’s name. For OC6 please enter OC6 club name crew number, e.g. OC6 VRC 1.

For DOB please enter the youngest paddler in the team in case we get enough entries for age groups.

Ensure that you select the matching category after you have selected the distance.

Entry Fees

The 2017 Race Series Member (RSM) annual fee is 800$.

For the 6 standard races that start and finish in Deepwater Bay, the individual race entry fee is 150$ per entrant per race and 50$ per paddler for OC6s. 

Race Series Members will get discounted entry fees for the 3 red RS downwind events and the green events (see race calendar), which are typically longer and further afield, for committing to the series for the year.

Please note that post-race event and boat transportation fees are excluded.

So, if you are planning on racing only 4 out of 6 of the standard races in DWB to qualify for the Division B annual awards, you should pay as you go. If you are planning on racing 5 or 6 standard races and still being in Division B, but want to train and try 1 of the red RS downwind events you’re probably on the fence, and if you’re are capable of racing Division A and want to go for the full monty because you’re keen like that, being a RSM is a bargain.

VRC Race Series – Google group

If you would like to be added to the group please click on the following link https://groups.google.com/d/forum/vrc-race-series

The race calendar has been uploaded to the group site or can be found here


Waiver and Safety Guidelines

The 2017 versions can be downloaded below. Please read the safety guidelines, and please print, read, and complete the annual waiver in advance. This will expedite the registration process.

Safety is our first priority. The mandatory requirements for leashes and PFDs are in place from the first race.

DOWNLOAD VRC Race Series Safety Guidelines (January 2017)

DOWNLOAD 2017 VRC Race Series Waiver (January 2017)

DOWNLOAD 2017 VRC Race Series OC6 Waiver (January 2017)


VRC Race Series Schedule

Click here

2017 Zolfo Cooper VRC Race Series - Volunteers Wall of Fame & Results

Zolfo Cooper VRC Race 05Erwann, Angela, Lina, Jen, Alice, Carissa, Noelle, EricRace Results
4th Hong Kong Costal RelayYC, Charlie P, Charlie Ng, Erik, Angela, Jen , Alannah, Heather, Harkin, Alice, Tats, Noelle and DJ WaveyRace Results
Zolfo Cooper VRC Race 04Shaun, Alex, Nick, Olivia, Arnie
2017 St Patrick's Day DownwindBenny, Shaun A, Jen, Barbara, Aliette, Lena, Christian, Gary, Imei, Alice, Lee W, Martha, Julie D, and Steve T.Race Results
Zolfo Cooper VRC Race 03Nick, Niall and YC, Puss, Benny, James, Christian, Imei, Karen, Alannah, Alice, Jennie, Beck, Julia, Olivia, Eric, Franck, Steve and Paddy and to those who volunteered and helped with registration, race timing, photography, drones and iPad magicRace Results
Zolfo Cooper VRC Race 02 - Valentine's Day His & Hers RaceIngrid, Imei, Karen, Alannah, Bao Anh and Adidas, Nick, Riitta, Tatjana, Noelle and BennyRace Results
Zolfo Cooper VRC Race 01Bruce, Lina, Karen, Winnie, Beck, Alana, Geoff and Niall, and Yacht Club for the support boat.Race Results
Zolfo Cooper VRC Christmas Burnoff RaceJen, Bruce, Lina, Arnie, Harkin, Iona and Royal Hong Kong Yacht ClubRace Results

2016 Zolfo Cooper VRC Race Series - Volunteers Wall of Fame & Results

Zolfo Cooper VRC Race Series – FINAL STANDINGSThanks to all for making the Series 2016 happen!FINAL STANDINGS
Zolfo Cooper VRC Race Series – Race 11 (PFS II)Jen, Imei, Bruce, Nick and Mark from YC, Benny, Doan, Jeremy, Christian, Puss, Stephen A, Eva, BaoAnh, Elena, Tim, Arnie, Gary, Tats, Barbara, Aliette and NoelleRace Results
Zolfo Cooper VRC Race Series – Race 10 (PFS I)Imei, Florence, Erwann, Jennie, Julie and George, Benny, Alex, Shaun, Scott and Robert, and, of course, EricRace Results
Zolfo Cooper VRC Series Race 09Jen, Imei, Mark W, Rebecca, Melody, Imei, Carlos, Jeremy, Benny, Peter A, Iona, Steve P, Jakki, Franck T, Angela, Alice, Tats, Vlad, Lina, Doan, Pradeesh, Jack Seymour, Tim F, Nick B, Jen, Alex, Julie, Christian, WaveyRace Results
Zolfo Cooper VRC Series Race 08Imei, Florence, Bruce, Tatjana, Martha, Lyn, Puss, RHKYC for support boat, Nick Crabb, Steve TaylorRace Results
Zolfo Cooper VRC Series Race 07bAlex, Lindsay, Jenn A, Ingrid, Martha, Tatjana, Marion, ChrisRace Results
Zolfo Cooper VRC Series Race 07aLance, Christian, Michael, Pascale, Jean-Louis and Nick CRace Results
Zolfo Cooper VRC Series Race 06bImei, Alex, Penny, Fraser, Benny, ChrisP, Jon A, Jenn A, Ingrid, Tatjana, Doan, Tim F, Tim K, George BRace Results
Zolfo Cooper VRC Series Race 06aDmitry, Christian, Wavey, Lyn's kids and friend - Jess, Eme and AntoinetteRace Results
VRC HK Coastal RelayImei, Lee W, Nicole QK, Olivia, AndyC, Charlie, Rebecca, Erwann, Tatjana, Franck, Benny and PussRace Results
VRC Series Race 05Imei, Lee W, Iwona, Barney, Mark F, Christian G, Sylvie, Jean, Benny, Robert S, Shaun, and Eric for flyingRace Results
VRC Series Race 04Imei, Alice, Olivia, Heather, Harkin, Benny, George L, Nicole QK, Vlad, Stephen A, EricRace Results
VRC Series Race 03Imei, Tatjana, Martha, Winnie, Becky, Ben, Scott, George, Margaret, John, JessRace Results
VRC Series Race 02Imei, Bettina, Ingrid, Julia, Collin, Jo, Vlad, Rebecca, Tatjana and OliviaRace Results
VRC Series Race 01Imei, Ingrid, Kira, Jon A, Lee, Collin, Olivia, and Stephen ARace Results
VRC Christmas Burnoff RaceImei, Alice, Olivia, and AdamRace Results

2015 VRC Race Series - Volunteers Wall of Fame

VRC Christmas Burnoff RaceImei, James and Shu
VRC Series Race 1Imei, Irina and Xen
VRC Series Race 2 - Valentine's Day His & Hers RaceImei, Christian and Nick
VRC Series Race 3Imei, Elita, Katie and Becky
VRC Series Race 4Imei, Lee W, Stephane, Ed, Alex and Craig
VRC Series Race 5Martha, Liz, Sarah, Tim, George, Angelica and Robert
VRC HK Coastal RelayImei, Steve P, Angelica, Bruno, Gary, Irina, Eugene, Jo and Dmitry
VRC Series Race 6Imei, Jane, John and Alex, and Anna, Jane H and Megan
VRC Series Race 7 - 4 July weekendImei, Irina, Dmitry, Stephane, Jakki, Arthur and Glen.
VRC Series Race 8 & Deepwater Bay RumbleScott, Imei, Lee W, Lyn F, Christian G, Clare Baldwin's parents, Ward and Nicky QK
VRC Series Race 9 & Southside ChallengeLaura, Tatjana, Ed, Alice, Nick, Jess, Andy C, Franck, Jo, Irina, Eugene, Tim, Sarah, Martha, Dmitry, Matt and Adam
VRC Series 10 (Pray for Surf I)Alice, Imei, Brad, Eugene, Sylvie, Jess, Alex, Irina, Christian and Steve P
VRC Series 11 (Pray for Surf II)
& Series Awards
Alice, Imei, Irina, Sarah, Icy, Tatjana, Lee W, Wavey, John Mac, Sylvie, Ed P, Bao Anh, Alice, Sarah Carter, Alena, Bruce, Dmitry, Alex, Marion, Vlad, Erwann, John M and Olivia