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I, and all the members of my team, waive all rights to make liability claims against the organizers of the 19th Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Regatta as well as against the municipalities where the races will take place, helpers and any sponsors, their representatives, agents or successors in title. This waiver shall apply in particular to damage to property and injury or death which may result from participation in the races.

I, and all the members of my team, are physically capable of participating in the event and swimming a minimum of 100 meters when fully clothed.

My team and I are aware that the Regatta shall be documented on film, recorded and photographed, and that such documentation may be published. I hereby authorize the unconditional use of the pictures and sound recordings made of my team during and after their participation in this event. These may be used and exploited on a commercial basis or for any other purpose.

Please indicate how many steersmen you require. If you do not have your own steersmen then you will need to book one for each crew that does not have one.

Due to limited Marquee space on the Beach, we can only allow ONE Marquee per Registrant on a first come first served basis. If you requested and paid for an Additional Marquee, we will notify you if it was successful or provide a refund instead.

Payment information will be sent to you by e-mail after your registration has been submitted successfully. Please make sure you have entered a correct contact e-mail.

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