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Season 2017

Hawaiian Airlines Sydney Harbour Challenge - 2017


Official results

Season 2016

Around the Island Race 2016

5thMIXEDOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubWHITE5:01:30
8thMIXEDOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubBLACK5:08:39
2ndWOMENOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle Club4:26:44
2ndOPENOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle Club3:35:26
2ndOPENOC6 StandardVRC Paddle Club4:15:21

Official Results here

Around Lamma 2016

1stOPENOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle ClubWHITE1:51:47.0
3rdOPENOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle ClubBLUE2:04:25.3
4thOPENOC6 StandardVRC Paddle Club2:25:25.8
2ndWOMENOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle ClubWHITE2:18:43.6
6thWOMENOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle ClubBLUE2:44:24.6
3rdMIXEDOC6 StandardVRC Paddle Club2:47:35.7

Official Results here & here

Micronesia Cup 2016 - Palau

2ndWOMENOC6 8 MILESVRC Paddle ClubW11:19:16
18thWOMENOC6 8 MILESVRC Paddle ClubW21:38:02
7thMIXEDOC6 5 MILESVRC Paddle ClubM10:51:11
2ndWOMENOC6 SPRINT 1500mVRC Paddle ClubW18:49:19
7thMENOC1 SPRINT 500mVRC Paddle ClubStephen Stanton3:58:19

Official Results Day 1 , Day 2 , Day 3 

Molokai Hoe 2016


Southside Challenge 2016

1stOPENOC6 Standard (15 km)VRC Paddle ClubRED1:15:15.7
2ndOPENOC6 Standard (15 km)VRC Paddle ClubWHITE1:17:32.6
4thOPENOC6 Standard (15 km)VRC Paddle ClubBLUE1:22:53.5
7thOPENOC6 Standard (15 km)VRC Paddle ClubBLACK1:31:30.9
2ndMIXEDOC6 Standard (11.9 km)VRC Paddle ClubBLUE1:14:18.8
4thMIXEDOC6 Standard (11.9 km)VRC Paddle ClubBLACK1:25:50.6
1stWOMENOC6 Standard (11.9 km)VRC Paddle ClubRED1:11:52.5
2ndWOMENOC6 Standard (11.9 km)VRC Paddle ClubWHITE1:18:05.9

Three Peaks Race 2016

1stMixedOC6 StandardVRC Paddle Club3:57:14
2ndMixedOC6 StandardRoyal Hong Kong Yacht ClubLani Ani4:00:49
3rdMixedOC6 StandardRoyal Hong Kong Yacht ClubTe Ariki4:16:30
4thMixedOC6 StandardLamma OCC5:02:47


Season 2015

The Hong Kong Dragon Run 2015

1stMenOC1VRCJake Hamstra1:58:24
2ndMenOC1VRCThierry Tematuanui Delamare2:06:02
3rdMenOC1VRCMark Pollard2:06:42
4thMenOC1VRCScott Dale2:07:04
5thMenOC1VRCLee Mussi2:10:08
8thMenOC1VRCAdam Giles2:12:35
10thMenOC1VRCSteve Palmier2:13:09
5thWomenOC1VRCJulia Washbourne2:48:07
6thWomenOC1VRCLee Wong2:56:11
7thWomenOC1VRCMartha Levin2:57:25

Official Results The Hong Kong Dragon Run 2015

Marriot rewards Around the Island Race 2015

1stMenOC6 UnlimitedVRC3:38:54
1stMenOC6 StandardVRC4:12:38
4thWomenOC6 UnlimitedVRC4:54:53
7thMixedOC6 StandardVRC4:59:31

Official Results ATIR2015

Borelli Walsh Around Po Toi Race 2015

1stMenOC6 UnlimitedVRCA1:45:25
3rdMenOC6 UnlimitedVRCB1:52:11
7thMenOC6 UnlimitedVRCC2:12:37
1stMixedOC6 UnlimitedVRCA2:03:46
2ndMixedOC6 UnlimitedVRCB2:14:55
6thWomenOC6 UnlimitedVRCA2:53:39

Official Results Men's Division & Women & Mixed Division

Around Lamma Race 2015

1stMenOC6 UnlimitedVRCA
3rdMenOC6 UnlimitedVRCB
1stMixedOC6 UnlimitedVRCA2:07:12
3rdMixedOC6 UnlimitedVRCB2:13:11
7thMixedOC6 UnlimitedVRCC2:27:21
5thMixedOC6 StandardVRC2:36:30

Queen Lili'uokalani Race 2015

11thMen IronOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubA2:17:34
34thMen IronOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubB2:41:48
30thWomen IronOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubA2:42:04
49thWomen IronOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubB3:01:40
2ndMixedDouble HullVRC Paddle Club0:35:38

Official Results Single Hull & Double Hull

VRC Southside Challenge 2015

1stMenOC6 StandardVRCA1:21:06
3rdMenOC6 StandardVRCB1:25:13
5thMenOC6 StandardVRCC1:28:50
1stMixedOC6 StandardVRC1:08:28
2ndWomenOC6 StandardVRCA1:15:56
6thWomenOC6 StandardVRCB1:32:42

Official Results Women & Mixed & Men

Borelli Walsh Around Beaufort Island 2015

2ndMenOC6 UnlimitedVRCA1:13:54
3rdMenOC6 UnlimitedVRCB1:20:34
1stMenOC6 StandardVRC1:28:19
2ndWomenOC6 UnlimitedVRC1:35:20
1stWomenOC6 StandardVRC1:50:32
4thMixedOC6 UnlimitedVRC1:54:39

Official Results Women & Mixed & Men

Season 2014

Around the Island Race 2014

4thMixedOC6 StandardVRC Paddle Club4:30.28
5thWomenOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle Club4:30.05
1stMenOC6 StandardVRC Paddle Club4:17.25
2ndMenOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle Club3:39:01

Around Po Toi Race 2014

1stMenOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle ClubA1:41.35
1stMenOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubB1:48.13
2ndMenOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubC1:57.07
5thWomenOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle ClubA2:07.43
2ndWomenOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubB2:22.21

Around Lamma Race 2014

1stMenOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle ClubA2:01.05
1stMenOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubB2:18.03
1stWomenOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubB2:48.31

VRC Southside Challenge 2014

2ndMixedOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubA0:48.35
1stMenOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle ClubA1:19.33
1stMenOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubB1:24.59
3rdMenOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubC1:31.48
5thMenOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubD1:40.21
1stWomenOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle ClubA1:19.33

Official Results Women & Men & Mixed

Around Beaufort Race 2014

1stMenOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle ClubA1:18.57
1stWomenOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubA2:07.28
1stMixedOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle ClubA1:18.40
1stMixedOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubB1:19.46

Season 2013

Around Lamma Race 2013

1stMenOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle ClubA1:57.53
3rdMenOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle ClubB2:07.26
2ndWomenOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle ClubA2:30.26
5thWomenOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle ClubB2:44:56
2ndMixedOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubA2:40:43
2ndMenOC1VRC Paddle ClubNick Barnes2:22:45

Official results here

Historical Results

Queen Lili'uokalani Race 2012

1stMen IronOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle Club1:41:10

Official Results here

Around the Island Race 2012

1stMenOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle ClubA3:30.42
1stMenOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubB3:52.35
5thMenOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubC4:28.43
2ndWomenOC6 UnlimitedVRC Paddle ClubA4:10.36
1stWomenOC6 StandardVRC Paddle ClubB4:48.00

Remark: With the time of 3:30.42 the VRC Men have set a new course record.

Around the Island Race 2011

1stMenOC6 StandardHKIPCA
1stWomenOC6 StandardHKIPC
3rdMenOC6 StandardHKIPCB

Around the Island Race 2010

1stMenOC6 StandardHKIPCA
1stWomenOC6 StandardHKIPC
3rdMenOC6 StandardHKIPCB

Around the Island Race 2009

1stMenOC6 StandardHKIPCA03:40:34
2ndWomenOC6 StandardHKIPC04:37:20
5thMenOC6 StandardHKIPCB04:14:58

Around the Island Race 2008

1stWomenOC6 StandardHKIPC
2ndMenOC6 StandardHKIPCA

Micronesia Cup, Palau 2010

2ndWomenOC6 Standard 1500mHKIPC
2ndWomenOC6 Standard 500mHKIPC
1stMenOC6 Standard 1500mHKIPC
1stMixed MastersOC6 Standard 1500mHKIPC
1stMixed MastersOC6 Standard 500mHKIPC
2ndWomenOC6 Standard Long DistanceHKIPC
1stMenOC6 Standard Long DistanceHKIPC

Micronesia Cup, Guam 2008

1stMenOC6 Standard 1000mHKIPC
2ndMixedOC6 Standard 1000mHKIPC
5thWomenOC6 Standard 500mHKIPC
3rdMenOC6 Standard 500mHKIPC
1stMixedOC6 Standard 500mHKIPC
4thWomenOC6 Standard Long DistanceHKIPC
1stMenOC6 Standard Long DistanceHKIPC01:35.00
1stMixedOC6 Standard Long DistanceHKIPC
3rdMixedOC6 Standard Long DistanceHKIPC

Around Lamma 2008

1stWomenOC6 StandardHKIPC02:27.48
1stMenOC6 StandardHKIPC01:55.47
1stMixedOC6 StandardHKIPC02:18.18

Around Lamma 2007

1stMenOC6 StandardHKIPCA01:59.00
2ndMenOC6 StandardHKIPCB02:12.00
1stWomenOC6 StandardHKIPCA02:29.53
4thWomenOC6 StandardHKIPCB02:54.47

HKIPC Sprint Regatta 2010

1stWomenOC6 Standard 500mHKIPC
1stMenOC6 Standard 500mHKIPC
1stMixedOC6 Standard 1000mHKIPCA
2ndMixedOC6 Standard 1000mHKIPCB

HKIPC Sprint Regatta 2008

1stWomenOC6 Standard 500mHKIPCA
1stWomenOC6 Standard 500mHKIPCB
1stMenOC6 Standard 500mHKIPCA
3rdMenOC6 Standard 500mHKIPCD
1stMixedOC6 Standard 500mHKIPCA
2ndMixedOC6 Standard 500mHKIPCB
1stWomenOC6 Standard 1000mHKIPCA
1stMenOC6 Standard 1000mHKIPCA
2ndMenOC6 Standard 1000mHKIPCD
1stMixedOC6 Standard 1000mHKIPCA
2ndMixedOC6 Standard 1000mHKIPCA

Around Beaufort Island Race 2010

1stWomenOC6 StandardHKIPC
1stMenOC6 StandardHKIPC
2ndMenOC6 StandardHKIPC

The Hong Kong Dragon Run 2009

37thMenSurfskiHKIPCLeon Rossbotham02:12.23
3rdMenOC1HKIPCAndy Cummings02:13.28
4thMenOC1HKIPCLee Mussi02:15.53
7thMenOC1HKIPCMark Pollard02:20.42
8thMenOC1HKIPCNick Barnes02:21.39
13thMenOC1HKIPCMatthew Browne02:26.38
14thMenOC1HKIPCMatthew Flynn02:27.10
15thMenOC1HKIPCJake Hamstra02:27.14
20thMenOC1HKIPCBoris Manzewski02:38.18
4thMixedOC2HKIPCChris Yee / Rose Yee02:43.30
51stMenSurfskiHKIPCChris Pennicott02:44.20
6thWomenOC1HKIPCMei Leisa Tuiclolo02:57.41