About the Team

Welcome to the Hong Kong VRC Paddle Club

One of the premier paddling clubs in Hong Kong

We are a competitive paddle club that races dragon boats and outrigger canoes. We are one of the only clubs that offers the opportunity to paddle year-round in both dragon boats and outrigger canoes. Our home is in Deep Water Bay at the Victoria Recreation Club – the oldest sporting club in Hong Kong. The former HKIPC was initially founded as a dragon boat club in 1993, when a group of enthusiastic and committed paddlers decided that they could gain more success and have more fun in competition by forming their own team than by joining others. As a racing paddling club, our objective is to raise the standard of dragon boat and outrigger paddling among our members, and to improve overall personal and crew performance. Today the VRC Paddle Club has more than 100 members from over 15 countries. Our club’s fleet has expanded over the years to include three dragon boats, 8 six-person ocean canoes (OC6s 2x Unlimited, 6x Standard), and a flotilla of OC1s, OC2s and surfskis.

“We compete in an array of exciting races in Hong Kong and overseas.”

We compete in an array of exciting races in Hong Kong and overseas. Many of our local events involve marathon excursions to outer islands and exhibition races. We cross international waters by paddling from Hong Kong to Macau, participate in the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s “Around The Island Race” and host our own Deep Water Bay regatta and outrigger races. Our annual international itinerary includes major races in Micronesia, Hawaii, and Australia. Hong Kong’s paddling culture is very much rooted in dragon boating, and our success as an outrigger club relies on our interest in and respect for local paddling traditions. Our reputation has extended to the tourism industry in Hong Kong and we are often asked to carry out dragon boat workshops as team-building exercises during incentive tours or world and regional conferences. These workshops are often quoted as being the highlight of our clients’ visit to Hong Kong.