Fit, competitive and love the ocean? We Want You!

Hong Kong’s oldest sport’s club VRC (Victoria Recreational Club), one of the premier paddle clubs in Asia, is looking for strong and committed women to paddle on our Dragon Boat and Outrigger Canoe Teams.

Dragon Boating is an ancient traditional team sport with fun sprint races. Outrigger canoeing is an exciting Polynesian ocean sport. Races can be 7-24+ km, with an annual race all the way around Hong Kong and targeted overseas races in Hawaii, Australia, Micronesia…

Benefits of paddling:

  • Paddling can burn an estimated 400 calories per hour
  • Whole body workout (abdominal and leg muscles), low impact on knees
  • Great club spirit with social events, races and cross training activities
  • Exciting outdoor activity that promotes mental health and well being
  • More than 50% cheaper than a gym or boot-camp subscription


  • Competitive nature
  • Positive attitude
  • Able to swim


  • Deep Water Bay Beach
  • 20 minutes from Central