Mission accomplished – Title defended

After a real open final thriller in 2015, VRC went back to the Lamma 500 with the goal to at least knock off 0.4 seconds from the Clock in the 500m as well as to defend our 1000m titles in the open and the mixed division.
While we had clear water in the open 1000m race and could reach our target, we had a too much traffic on the turn and therefore lost too many valuable seconds by taking the far lane around the course in the mixed division.
However with one Trophy on our bag, the pressure was on for the 500m final where our old rivals were already waiting and trying to push us off the Podium. This Race was probably the most focused one of the year so far and all just got together when it was needed and we could push over the finish line in a time of 02:04.970 and almost one second ahead of the competition.