OC6 race season kicked off with some bling

VRC beat the heat, battled blood-sucking bugs and avoided feet-slashing rocks to bring home the gold from Saturday’s Lamma Sprints. Running fashionably late – Lamma folk call it ‘Island Time’ – the first races of the day saw a fleet of OC6s zipping across the bay following a 3km triangular route resulting in effortless triumph for the lads and the ladies.

Next up were the OC1 and surf ski sprint-offs following the same route. With the sun scorching the skin of our soon to be lobster-pink paddlers, VRC got off to a storming start and led the pack with Mark and his trusty steed (OC1) just pipping sassy surf-ski starlets Tats and Riitta to the post. Riitta stole second place and Tats thundered in third. Whoop!


After some well-earned snoozing and hydrating (well done Lamma for running a plastic-free event and providing water-refilling stations), it was time for the OC1 and surf ski sprint relays with a slightly shorter 2km route from the beach to the end of the power station wall and back. We’re not sure what the collective noun is for trophies but we’re pretty sure we scooped an ‘embarrassment of medals’ with Jen, Mark, Riita, Tats, Julia and Jeremy all clanking away with a neck full of bling.

The afternoon unfolded with more OC6 sprint races, this time running parallel to the beach with two cheeky turns and a lot of “uni” action. No prizes for guessing who won the Men’s heat. Go VRC! The women even managed to walk away with gold despite stopping mid-race for a quick chat and suffering a 10-second penalty!
Our rookies were also out in force showing off their newly acquired outrigging skills. We certainly have some OC stars in the making. Well done Barbara, Lina, Aliette, Melody, Angela and steerswoman extraordinaire – Jennie. Great results! Our only advice – tighten those short strings if you want to avoid mooning your team mates when hopping in the boat during a Le Mans start – you know who you are!

An awesome day of paddling ended with a few (hundred) beers, barbecued delights (carb-free-diet follower Dmitry was spotted devouring an entire cow!), an impromptu lion dance from Cookie…I mean Jeremy, and some sunset grooving to Fraser Douglas’s killer tunes. And finally, a massive thank you to Lamma for an awesome day. Great atmosphere, fantastic people, amazing racing and kick-ass party. You guys rock!

Official Results