2016 Zolfo Cooper VRC Race Series Race 08 & Deep Water Rumble

It was a hot & fun day of racing!  We started with small boats & SUP’s in Zolfo Cooper VRC Series Race 8. We continued racing in OC6’s for the Deepwater Rumble: Rookies first, then Big Boys and Big Girls.  We ended with a character-building “Hulithon” and ohana-building BBQ with good folks from Lamma, RHKYC, HKOCC plus the usual SS, OC1/2 & SUP regulars and some rookies new to the sport we all love.





Race 8 (small boats & SUP’s)

Rookie Rumble: (1) VRC  (2) Lamma OCC  (3) HKOCC

Big Boy Rumble: (1) VRC – Lee  (2) Lamma OCC  (3) VRC – Steve

Big Girl Rumble: (1) VRC – Lee  (2) Lamma OCC  (3) VRC – Martha

HuliThon: (1) Royal HK Yacht Club  (2) Lantau Boat Club  (3) VRC

Photos will be on the new series home page at https://vrcpaddleclub.com/category/vrc-race-series and our Facebook page soon.

Also, the VRC YouTube page is up and running at and has videos from the Race Series and other events.

Next Event

Sept 3 will be the  VRC Series Race 9 & Southside Challenge with BBQ at VRC to follow.  Distances extend to 12.5km  & 15km with short courses of 7.5 & 3.7km.

More details will be sent shortly.