2016 Zolfo Cooper VRC Race Series Race 09 & Southside Challenge

Well done to everyone who raced in the 4th annual Zolfo Cooper Southside Challenge on Saturday, particularly those new to OC6 racing and those who raced twice to get 24+km in.

Results, thank yous, photos and videos

Race 9 and OC6 Short Course Race 1 results

Interim 2016 Zolfo Cooper VRC Race Series Standings have been updated

With such tight racing there may be some finish order or timing corrections required. Please let us know.


The Zolfo Cooper Southside Challenge OC6 Long Course

Thank you to those who volunteered and helped, there were a lot (and if we’ve missed anyone, apologies, you know who you are):

Registration: Jen, Imei, Mark W, Rebecca, Melody.

Start/Finish Line: Imei, Carlos, Jeremy, and quite a few others, you know who you are.

Support boats: Benny, Peter A, Iona Gladstone, Steve P, Jakki, Peter A, Franck T, Angela, Alice

F&B: Tats, Vlad, Mark W, Lina, Doan, Pradeesh

Drones & photography: Jack Seymour, Franck T, Tim F, Nick B, Alex, Peter A, Iona Gladstone

Prize giving: Jen, Alex, Julie D

Tunes: Christian, Wavey

Photos will be on the VRC Race Series homepage and our Facebook page very soon, if they’re not there already.

Also, the VRC YouTube page has videos from the Race Series and other events and will have the R9 and Southside Challenge videos soon.

Next Event

Race 10 of the 2016 Zolfo Cooper VRC Race Series has been moved to Saturday 24 September to avoid potential family conflicts with the public holiday on 1 October and with those going to Molokai Hoe. The race(s) will finish in Shek O as originally planned. The start location for the Long Course will be determined based on the conditions.

More details will be sent shortly.