Double strike at Aberdeen Dragon Boat Festival

Winning the mixed competition and coming 2nd in the open division in 2016 – our target for 2017 was very clear…defending our mixed title and aiming for the open champion as well.

Aberdeen is always tricky and a death match already in the first heat. Not winning your heat usually means silver or bronze cup and unlike other events there is also no lucky lane draw with just 4 lanes on the race course.
We managed to win our heats and went straight into the gold cup finals with a long break and plenty of time to join the 50 men event together with our friends and hosts from Hop Sing Dragons.
Just after lunch, the finals started (a bit earlier as expected) but we managed to keep the focus on and probably did the best start in the open division we had the whole season, keeping us neck to neck with the competition and unleashing the chug down the course what granted us a clear win, ticking of goal 1 – Open Championship.
The mixed race was on afterwards with only a short break and with less aggression and focus at the start the race turned out into a long battle with Buzz Dragons all the way down the course till we hit the finish line but still made it first over the line. Title defended = CHECK!
Thanks to the organisers, our hosts Hop Sing and all the other teams for such a great event. Also a hugh congrats to South Eagles (winning the 50 men division) as well as to Hoi Fu Jai (2nd) for such an outstanding performance.
The VRC / Hop Sing powered boat came 3rd in the Silver Cup what gave us the chance to watch the final from our home base.

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The 18th Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Regatta 2017 is approaching fast.

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South Eagles Dragon Boat Regatta – Ap Lei Chau

Congrats to the folks that participated in the South Eagles DB race at Ap Lei Chau yesterday. Level of competition was high as expected and VRC performed well in both the Open and Mixed, 2nd in Silver Cup for Open and 4th Silver Cup Mixed. That was our last DB race event for the year. Now is time to keep building the mileage as we prepare for the fall OC races locally and internationally.

Gold Cup target achieved at the 4th TKO DB Races

Sneaking into the Silver Cup and surprisingly winning it in 2015, this year the pressure was on and the target was to make the Gold Cup Final(s).
Thanks to the Epic thunderstorms on Saturday night, we found perfect race conditions on Sunday but again a very competitive field and over 200 Teams joining this event.
While we were winning all our heats and were leading the mixed division, we quickly found out that the 2nd open heat would be an all or nothing race as too many teams were very close together and a missed stroke could decide between the gold, silver or bronze cup.
Long story short, we managed to sneak into the gold cup with the 8th fastest accumulated time and only 0.2 seconds behind the 7th fastest but just 0.1 seconds ahead of the 9th fastest team. Target achieved by getting all Teams into the Gold Cup finals!
As the fastest Team of the day, VRC Mixed was really under pressure and suffered from some imperfection at the start that could not be compensated down the course anymore and therefore we only came 4th. Whereas the VRC Open team started the final as the underdog trying to play with all the big guns, pulled together the best race piece of the day and managed to cross the line as the 6th fastest team overall.
Well done team and well a big THANK YOU to the Tsuen Kwan O Dragon Boat Association for such a well organized and competitive event.

NOTE: Race 63 – MIXED Gold Cup Final 2016

NOTE: Race 70 – OPEN Gold Cup Final 2016

Mission accomplished – Title defended

After a real open final thriller in 2015, VRC went back to the Lamma 500 with the goal to at least knock off 0.4 seconds from the Clock in the 500m as well as to defend our 1000m titles in the open and the mixed division.
While we had clear water in the open 1000m race and could reach our target, we had a too much traffic on the turn and therefore lost too many valuable seconds by taking the far lane around the course in the mixed division.
However with one Trophy on our bag, the pressure was on for the 500m final where our old rivals were already waiting and trying to push us off the Podium. This Race was probably the most focused one of the year so far and all just got together when it was needed and we could push over the finish line in a time of 02:04.970 and almost one second ahead of the competition.

Thank you for joining the 17th Deep Water Bay Regatta 2016

Hello Captains & Teams,
thank you very much for participating at the 17th Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Regatta.

It was certainly a day full of exciting and competitve races and your participation and great sportsmanship were key elements making our event a success!

Taking this opportunity, we would like to send out a little reminder regarding the Photo Competition! We are sure there were many amazing and memorable pictures taken by you and your teamon race day. Should you upload them to instagram with #DWBREGATTA2016 in your caption, we shall gather all photos and place them in an album on our VRC Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Regatta page on Facebook for public voting.

Please like our page to participate and follow up on the photo competition result – here

The 4 photos with the highest number of “likes” will be chosen as winners, winning a pair of sunglasses sponsored by Baendit! Photo submission deadline will be on 24th April 2016 (Sunday) so act now!
Last but not least, we hope you enjoyed the day, the after party and to see you all again next year !

Race results and video footage will be online soon and if you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at any time.
Best regards

Hong Kong VRC Paddle Club