• 18th Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Regatta introduced the Deep Water Bay Cup for the first time as well as went digital with the new Pikapage App.
  • We said good bye to another Unlimited Canoe and awaiting the arrival of our new Bradley Lighting to support the Molokai Training for 2017.
  • VRC proudly supported and hosted the local time trails for Team Great Britain selecting their Crews for the Dragon Boat World Championships in Kunming.
  • Once again VRC combined forces with our Friends from Hop Sing Dragons to join the Hong Kong Fishermen Race league.


  • After some absence the VRC proudly reports back to the Hong Kong Fishermen Dragon Boat community
  • Our OC2 fleet received an Upgrade with 3 brand now Outrigger Connection OC-22
  • For the first time in its history VRC has sent out two Crews to cross the Kaiwi channel for the Molokai Hoe Race
  • VRC has decided to get a full fleet replacement plan started and therefore says goodbye to one unlimited and one standard Canoe – We are sure you found a nice new home at south Lantau.


  • A new unlimited OC6, the first Puakea Designs Malolo “Lio’Ahiu” in Hong Kong arrived, expanding our fleet to nine OC6 canoes
  • The number of active paddlers grew to over 100 for the first time
  • Launch of our new Website


  • VRC Men won almost all local unlimited and standard OC 6 races
  • VRC Race Series reached a new record on participants


  • HKIPC became the Paddle Section of the Victoria Recreation Club and renamed to  Hong Kong VRC Paddle Club, and a new logo and race kit got developed
  • VRC come first place in both men’s and mixed in the Gold Coast iron outrigger canoe race
  • VRC men are the first Hong Kong team to participate in the Olamau 3-day, 100 mile Canoe Race in Hawaii


  • Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Regatta reached a participation record of 90 teams
  • VRC wins  2 silver and 3 bronze trophies at the Dragon Boat World Club Crew Championships in Hong Kong, topping off the event with a memorable victory over Nam Hoi, one of China’s top Dragon Boat teams, and outperforming all other Hong Kong crews
  • VRC Men come in 1st in their category and 2nd place overall in Queen Lili’uokalani World Championship outrigger race, and christen the club’s first unlimited canoe
  • HKIPC received the first two unlimited OC6 Canoes in Hong Kong expanding the OC6 fleet to 8 Canoes.


  • Members of the Paddle Club go to Molokai for the Na Wahine O Ke Kai in the first women’s crew from Hong Kong
  • HKIPC becomes an integral part of the VRC
  • HKIPC decided on a long term Dragon Boat Plan to qualify for the Club Crew World Championships 2012 in Hong Kong.


  • Penang, Malaysia, HKIPC enters 6th Annual Club Crew and 8th Annual Asian Dragon Boat Championships
  • HKIPC Women enter Tuen Ng Fishermens’ 50-man races
  • HKIPC Men enter Chai Wan Fishermens’ races


  • Hong Kong International Women Champions in HK Open, 2nd in Internationals
  • Hamilton Cup: 16k Master Men 12th, Master Women 14th. 42km Open Men 14th, Open Women 10th.
  • 9thHong Kong to Macau Expedition
  • 8thDeep Water Bay Regatta – 1stplaces in Men, Women and Mixed!


  • HKIPC enters 4 Peaks Race
  • HKIPC supports Clown Doctors in Stanley


  • Hong Kong International Dragon boat races see the men come 5th in the grand final (3rd Hong Kong team), the ladies come 2nd (the 1st Hong Kong team) and the mixed as champions
  • Outrigger crews compete for first time in Hamilton Island Outrigger Race, Australia, Queen Lilli in Kona and the Molokai Hoe in Hawaii. Also many 1stplaces in the Micronesia Cup that year.
  • They also compete for the first time in the Around The Island Race in Hong Kong and circumnavigate the island in just over four hours. Fourth boat to arrive in a fleet of hundreds of yachts.
  • The first Outrigger canoe Three-peaks Race arranged by HKIPC hailed a brilliant success and one to continue in future years
  • HKIPC chair the newly established Hong Kong Canoe Racing Association
  • HKIPC launches Junior programme!
  • HKIPC boys go to Rio!


  • HKIPC enter the Club Crew World Championships (South Africa this time) for the first time
  • Deep Water Bay Race supports the Clown Doctors Charity for the first time


  • HKIPC combine with Chai Wan in large fisherman’s dragon boats (50 paddlers) and win at Chai Wan and Tuen Mun


  • Third Deep Water Bay declared a huge success by some of the fastest dragon boat teams in Hong Kong


  • HKIPC make history by being first non-Chinese team and women to paddle in 50-man boats in Aberdeen and Chai Wan
  • With developing liaison with Chai Wan Fishermen’s recreation club HKIPC start to compete with success in the fishermens’ dragon boat racing circuit


  • The 1st Deep Water Bay dragon boat race organized by HKIPC
  • HKIPC enter HK Indoor Rowing championships for the first time and walk away festooned with medals
  • Men’s team surprise themselves and everyone else by winning race at Zhaoqing
  • First time a team from HKIPC completes the Molokai crossing in Hawaii


  • Arrival of two more outrigger canoes Tai Nui and Queequeg
  • HKIPC participates in Royal and Sunalliance People’s Forum by running a 56-hour marathon in aid of Oxfam in China
  • 24-hour paddle adaptor challenge by six HKIPC guys at Action Asia Expo
  • First paddle to Macau in Outrigger canoes – six guys do it iron in 6.5 hours


  • Start up of dragon boat workshops
  • HKIPC sweep the board at the first Micronesia Outrigger Cup in Guam


  • First edition of the HKIPC magazine which continues as an annual publication
  • HKIPC represents Hong Kong at the World Cup Dragon Boat Races
  • Dan, our coach, awarded Coaching Excellence Award from Sports Development Board


  • HKIPC represents Hong Kong at Asian Dragon Boat Races
  • HKIPC 1st in Women`s Open Championships, Mixed HK Championships, Men’s Open HK Championships, Men’s HK Championship festival races for the first time!


  • Dan Fedurok, our coach, produces HKIPC Dragon Boat Training Manual, the first of its kind


  • In our first season the men and women teams become Champions at Stanley
  • Our two outrigger canoes, Mahoa and Mahoe arrive in the summer


  • HKIPC is formed